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Welcome to Hatfield Community Free School

This website is designed to give you a flavour of our school but cannot replace the opportunity to come and see the relationships of all of the people who make the school such an amazing place.


We are a school that has been build to serve the needs of extra places in the Primary phase and opened in September 2012. Each year we add an extra year group until September 2018 when the school will be full to capacity at 420 pupils.


We are a Free School which means we get funding directly from the Government and have a number of freedoms which we use innovatively. We have designed a curriculum that meets the ever changing needs of the 21 century and prepares each child for the global society. We demand the highest performance levels of our staff and seek to reward excellent performance. We have changed the length of our school day so that we can focus on the core hours and extend the learning beyond to support our families requirements. We provide an extra week learning and teaching in the summer beyond the core year requirements  in order to keep the skills of our children sharp.


We are both here to serve you in partnership as the educators of your child.



Dr Sue Attard                      Miss Aimee De La Salle


Principal                                Vice Principal

  • Hatfield Community Free School, Briars Lane, Hatfield,
    Hertfordshire, AL10 8ES
  • 01707 276018