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Our curriculum intent is to prepare each child for a technological world in which they will be able to use different tools to access knowledge and understanding of the world. They will learn how to determine the accuracy of such inform and how to keep themselves safe from harm.


E-Safety takes high priority in everything we do in all subjects but we take every opportunity in Computing to make sure that all children know who to talk to for support and how to protect themselves as they get older and more independent learners.


Computing is taught on an annual programme within in cohort group. The skills progress as the children move through the school.


Each lesson has a fluency session that encourages them to revisit previously taught skills, then a main teach and practise session ending with a plenary to sum up the learning.


The assessment of the skills of the children takes place over a half term when they are carefully observed and their outputs stored on their electronic files are examined by the teacher.



For more information about what your child is learning, please speak with their Class Teacher.

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