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Mathematics Lessons

HCFS Mathematics Structure

Throughout the course of the week, the children will engage in four mathematics sessions: three within the core week and one within the enrichment week.


Core Sessions (Monday – Wednesday)

10-15 minutes Fluency: 4-5 different concepts are shared with the class. The concepts will provide the pupils with consolidation opportunities from their age related curriculum or be concepts that have been taught in previous academic years which will provide them with recall and rehearsal time before a new concept is introduced to them in subsequent lessons.



10 minutes Direct Teach: New learning will be shared with the pupils based on the mathematics scheme on work from their age related curriculum.

25 minutes Practise Activity: my turn, your turn teaching approach is used to develop the teaching concept from the direct teach. A concept is shared/taught to the pupils (my turn) and they are then given an activity to practise this skill (your turn). This will be repeated a couple of times within this section of the lesson to build upon the teaching point.  

10 minutes Plenary: Pupils will be given the opportunity to use their mastery glasses when approaching a question/problem linked to the days learning. In addition misconceptions that have arisen in the lesson are addressed through the remodelling of a concept to help secure understanding.


Enrichment Sessions (Thursday – Friday)

1 hour session: Children will complete a warm up practise style session where they complete activities to secure their knowledge, understanding and recall of key mathematical concepts. The session then progresses into an investigative mathematical activity within a group of 3 or 4 children that links to their learning from the core lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

For more information about what your child is learning, please speak with their Class Teacher.

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