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At HCFS we intend to…

  • Provide a high quality English Curriculum that is relevant and engaging to all children;
  • Provide children with the skills to be confident in their spelling and writing;
  • Ensure all children are confident writers, who can apply the skills learnt independently in a variety of situations;
  • Nurture children as articulate speakers, and therefore writers;
  • Provide children with engaging and relevant stimuli that give them the ideas to build on in their writing;
  • Ensure every child is exposed to high quality language, and therefore is competent in the art of speaking and listening;
  • Allow children’s imagination and personality to shine through in their writing;
  • Ensure children understand that every time we write there is a purpose;
  • Develop inquisitive learners who seek to ask questions about what they are reading and writing;
  • Use parents as partners in their children’s writing journey;
  • Ensure children understand how valuable their writing skills will be in the real world, and the opportunities this can provide for them, including how writing can often have a greater impact than the spoken word.
  • Provide children with the understanding of correct letter formation, whilst working with them to develop their own style of handwriting that allows them to access the curriculum in an effective way.

English lessons at HCFS incorporate spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing teaching and learning into  intricately woven sequences of lessons centering on a genre and writing purpose. Over the course of the academic year, children have opportunities to engage with genres within fiction, non-fiction and poetry whilst learning the specifics of spelling, punctuation and grammar that link to the writing genre and will therefore provide them with the necessary skills to enrich their writing abilities. 


Writing for a Purpose

Children are supported to understand that writing will not be immediately perfect, so are therefore encouraged to review their writing and edit effectively with improvements. 

HCFS - Writing Through the Years - A collection of writing being judged at the 'expected' standard YR-6

For more information about what your child is learning, please speak with their Class Teacher.

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