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The Thrive Approach


The THRIVE Approach draws on the latest research from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development, in order to help us to understand the needs being signalled by children’s behaviour. Hatfield Community Free School is committed to providing every child with Thrive support. We recognise children who require additional support with understanding their emotions and help them develop strategies to cope with these emotions in 1:1 and small group sessions with a Thrive practitioner.  From September 2020 we rolled out Thrive on a larger scale, leading daily activities which underpin the theory in all classrooms. 


At HCFS, we hope that Thrive supports children by helping them to:

  • Feel good about themselves and know that they matter;
  • Increase their sense of security and trust;
  • Increase their emotional well-being;
  • Improve their capacity to be creative and curious;
  • Increase their self-esteem and confidence to learn;
  • Learn to recognise and regulate their feelings;
  • Learn to think before behaving in a certain way;
  • And much more…


If you have any questions, please contact the Thrive Team and we would be happy to help:


Mrs Anne Richardson - Licensed Thrive Practitioner 

Mrs Ellen Summers - Licensed Thrive Practitioner 

Mrs Cullen - Thrive Supporting Adult

Contact Email: 

Thrive Style Activities for Home

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