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HCFS Trust

Trust Members are those responsible for the setting up of the original proposal to open our Free School. They are the custodians of the values and vision of the school.



Gill Jones Proposer

Susan Poole Proposer

Martine Archer Chair of Governors

Emma Greening University of Hertfordshire (January 2015)

Michael Harpham Onslow St Audrey's (December 2015)


Catherine Tallis Hertfordshire Local Authority (Resigned as a member in October 2014)

Ross Renton University of Hertfordshire representative. (Resigned as a member December 2014)

Paul Meredith Onslow St Audrey's (Resigned as a member in July 2014)

Richard Brabner Chair of Governors (Resigned February 2015)

Andrew Nightingale Chair of Resources (Resigned February 2015)

  • Hatfield Community Free School, Briars Lane, Hatfield,
    Hertfordshire, AL10 8ES
  • 01707 276018