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Computing lessons

Computing at HCFS

All classes are taught Computing lessons for an hour each week. This lesson is delivered by the teacher with a Computer Technician on hand to assist with the lesson. 

Teaching Fluency in Computing 


In Year 2 - Year 6, children spend the first part of the session developing their typing skills and learn how to type on a keyboard. 


Children are given the opportunity to develop their typing skills as fluent typing helps children to:

-make the most of their learning opportunities

- reduce fatigue

- improve focus

- increase productivity


In Years 5 and 6 children are signed up to a programme called Typing Club. Typing Club is an individualised progrmme that allows students to progress at their own rate. Students learn where each letter is located through a range of fun games and challenges. 

Children are given the opportunity to access a range of technology and programmes. During the main teach children may be invited to recap their prior knowledge or introduced to new technology. In every session children are encouraged and supported to take risks, collaborate, problem solve and use reasoning to find a solution. Children complete learning tasks through a range of ‘plugged’ and ‘unplugged’ activities.



Towards the end of each lesson, children are given the opportunity for self-reflection. Children are asked to reflect on how confident they feel in that area of technology. This allows children to reflect and share their progress with others.

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