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Primary Year One Classes

Primary Year 1 is the first year of Key Stage 1, when pupils are aged 5-6.

The classes in Year 1 are:

  • Deer
  • Foxes
  • Seals

Famous People Theme Web


We are very excited to start our new Theme 'Famous People'. This is set to be a brilliant Theme providing lots of historical learning and exploratory opportunities for Year One. The children will be learning about Captain James Cook and Helen Keller and how they had an important impact on life today.

Throughout this Theme the children will be researching the lives of these two people, exploring sign language and investigating how travel has changed.


Below is the Theme web for this Theme, which outlines all of the activities the children will be doing over the course of the theme. Our Theme Web also outlines the different areas of learning that Year One will be covering in the core subjects.




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