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Primary Year Four Classes

Primary Year 4 is the second year of Key Stage 2, when pupils are aged 8-9.

The classes in Year 4 are:

  • Woodpeckers
  • Kingfishers

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings Theme Web

Contrasting Localities Theme Web

Christmas Celebrations Theme Web

Changing States of Matter Theme Web

Viewpoints and Pop Art Theme Web

Famous People Theme Web

Rites of Passage Theme Web

Chocolate Theme Web

Today we will begin our exciting theme of Chocolate! We are going to have a fabulous time learning at various areas of chocolate production, the history of chocolate and the infamous village of Bournville where the Cadbury factory is! Our theme web details the learning in the afternoon as well as the core learning in the morning.




Year 4 Spring 2 Homework Challenges

Kingfishers Summer 1 Homework Achievements

Kingfishers Spring 2 Homework Achievements

Kingfishers Spring 1 Homework Achievements

Kingfishers Autumn 2 Homework Achievements

Woodpeckers Summer 1 Homework Achievements

Woodpeckers Spring 2 Homework Achievements

Woodpeckers Class Spring 1 Homework Achievements

Woodpeckers Autumn 2 Homework Achievements

Spelling in Year 4 at HCFS

  • Hatfield Community Free School, Briars Lane, Hatfield,
    Hertfordshire, AL10 8ES
  • 01707 276018